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Highly versatile smooth & flat sheet. Multipurpose for internal, external and flooring application

Smooth Lining for Walls and Ceilings with 2 side rebated edge for a seamless flush joint.
Immune to Permanent Moisture Damage

The Ideal Wood Substitute. Application : Fascia Board Ceiling, Gate and Fencing, Skirting, Screening, Decking, Wall and Gable End Cladding

Decorative Flat Sheet Screening with square or diamond pattern cut out, creates privacy, ventilation and shade for various design feature.

Slotted Eaves Liningfor better air circulation. Comes in sizes specifically suited for eaves.

For PRIMA System Installation


IBS, Fast, Lightweight, Durable, Fire-rated. Quick construction high performing wall system with good moisture resistance.


PRIMA Affordable IBS Solution offers a better solution as compared to conventional construction house which is not only sustainable but making a superior alternative in terms of cost-effectiveness, consistency, time saving, durability and the ability for mass production, making it the preferred choice for affordable, small homes projects.

PRIMA fibre cement decking appears to be a better alternative to timber floor due to its versatility , durability and will not warp.
PRIMA fibre cement decking is gorgeous, requires low-maintenance and will stand the test of time.

A system that is specially customized for the construction of healthcare facilities at large. A wide range of products together with various systems comprising of elements that match or exceed the requirements.

PRIMA is the ideal choice of material for your traditional home as it is 100% free of asbestos, highly durable, fire resistant, is resistant to moisture, rotting and warping. PRIMA boards are perfectly suited for building a safe home with the same warmth of traditional aesthetics.

PRIMA fibre cement makes an excellent choice for Façade application as it is highly durable, will not burn, is resistant to moisture, rotting and warping. Perfectly suited for exterior application in all climates.

PRIMA Flex board serves as a better alternative to conventional plywood formwork. It is recommended to be applied as permanent formwork in the construction of bridges, flyovers, floor and approach slab for elevated MRT/ LRT stations and many other usages.