Brochures – Export Exclusive

Highly versatile smooth & flat sheet. Multipurpose for internal, external and flooring application

The Ideal Wood Substitute. Application : Fascia Board Ceiling, Gate and Fencing, Skirting, Screening, Decking, Wall and Gable End Cladding

Smooth sanded and sealed surface with 2 rebated long edges for a seamless flat wall surface ready for paint, wallpaper or tiles.

Smooth surface with pre marked fixing positions, it is formulated to create an ideal substrate for ceramic tiles.

Pigmented with a blue tint for easy recognition, it is a durable brace for a seamlessly finished walls, ready for various surface renders.

Ideal for feature walls with it’s elegant look and design flexibility.

Designed specifically for wall and ceiling lining applications.

With its clean aesthetics and durability, it is the best alternative to timber cladding.

Smooth Lining for Walls and Ceilings with 2 side rebated edge for a seamless flush joint.
Immune to Permanent Moisture Damage