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Consultant (Specification)

Throughout the specification process, we work together with architects, interior designers and developers to realize their conceptual design with solutions integration utilizing PRIMA board. We provide exclusive technical advices in various applications, customized technical drawings (ect. ACAD drawing) and BQ specifications.

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Contractor (Installation)

Throughout the technical support process, we constantly guide installers and contractors on the proper installation methods when using PRIMA boards to ensure compliance with the specifications and requirements are met. To achieve that, we strive to provide on-site and off-site installation demonstrations, technical troubleshooting and product & systems compliance inspections. We also cater to other technical related advices too.

Dealer (Re-seller)

Throughout the years, we have built close working relationships with all our appointed distributors, board traders and retail partners. In order to achieve this, we continuously seek to provide our partners with excellent sales and marketing supports through information sharing activities and events. Our engaged partners are constantly receiving technical & marketing supports, boosting the usage of PRIMA boards.

End User (Home Owner)

We are always there for your enquiry in any PRIMA board related concern.
Whether as a home owner, land owner or business owner, you are most welcome to send us your inquiries regarding our products. We would be more than happy to share with you our insights and technical knowledge to help you plan ahead with the construction of an ideal house, a building or even a simple renovation work.Please contact our friendly salesperson for a quote now!





PRIMA Products

PRIMA products & systems have been used in some of the most prestigious developments both locally and worldwide because of the functionality, versatility and contemporary features of the PRIMA’s board.

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The elegant timber appearance of PRIMA plank, with the smooth flat finishing of PRIMA flex and smooth lining of PRIMA Liner for walls and ceilings enhance the profile of urban premises. While the excellent lifespan of over 50 years against harsh weather, fire, termites and decay translate to your complete peace of mind.When it comes quality, expect to raise your expectations with the first choice in fibre cement building solutions.


Proceeding with sustainability in mind, motivated by reducing our carbon footprints; Hume Cemboard Industries worked with worldwide environmental bodies in establishing PRIMA board®, a green product.

Our manufacturing methods and processes are ISO 14001:2015 recognized, deeming compliance to reduce, reuse and recycle, aligned with our sustainability policy.

PRIMA‘s range of products obtained its first recognition by the Singapore Green Label in 2009 by the Singapore Environment Council, Good Environmental Choice Australia EcoLabel in 2010, Korean EcoLabel by Korean Environmental Industry & Technology Institution (KEITI) and Healthy Building Material mark by Korean Air Cleaning Association (KACA), naming a few.

Domestically, we are a member of the Malaysian Green Building Council, contributing to the assessment criteria of Green Building Index classification (GBI).


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SIRIM Product Listing
Local Manufacturer &
Quality Assurance

ISO 14001:2015

Green Label

SIRIM Eco-Label

BOMBA Class ‘O’
(UBBL Malaysia)
Fire Resistance and Compliance
to UBBL’s Requirement