Healthcare Building Solution

A system that is specially customized for the construction of healthcare facilities at large. Saint-Gobain Prima’s senior R&D and technical teams had rigorously tested a wide range of products and were able to put together various systems comprising of elements that matches or exceeds the requirements stated in the handbook of hospital constructions.
Healthcare solution is created with comprehensive considerations based on requirements in the construction of healthcare facilities in designing & specifying walls for healthcare facilities there are 7 important criteria to be considered namely;

  1. Fire rating
  2. Acoustics
  3. Impact / Durability
  4. Wet prevention
  5. Radiation protection
  6. Anti Condensation – (Anti Fungus)
  7. Wall Mounting Provision

Each solution is carefully designed based on specific requirement and meet the standards accepted by medical professionals in Malaysia and other countries.


  • Fire Rated Wall

  • Acoustic Wall

  • Impact Resistance

  • Radiation Protection

  • Wet Area Solution

  • Anti Condensation Wall

  • Mounting Fixtures on PRIMA Drywall