Outdoor Decking Solution

PRIMA fibre cement decking appears to be a better alternative to timber floor due to its versatility, durability and will not warp. Common wooden decking faces problems like slippery, blackened, faded, warped or marred by unsightly gaps, subject to termite attack unless chemically treated. PRIMA fibre cement decking is gorgeous, requires low-maintenance and will stand the test of time.

PRIMA Deck is specially designed for both internal and external multi-purpose application.


  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Durable

  • Not to Warp & Shrink

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Hazard Free

  • Low Maintenance

  • Mold resistant

  • Termite resistant

  • Resistant to Moisture (water permeability, warm water, soak dry & heat rain)

  • Weather Resistant

  • Come with PRIMA Deck Concealed Fixing System (CFS)