Reengineering the Construction of IBS Solutions

PRIMA solidwall is a non-load bearing light weight concrete wall system created by fixing hard wearing PRIMA liner fibre cement board onto galvanized steel stud frames. The water resistant panels are easily erected on site and then core filled with cement, sand and expanded polystyrene beads (EPS) concrete mix. The joints between the panels are then flush jointed and set, leaving the wall ready for applied finishes.

PRIMA solidwall is designed to replace the conventional and outmoded brick wall system, the PRIMA solidwall system complies with the local and international fire rating, sound, thermal insulation and wall robustness’ standards. PRIMA solidwall system is CIDB Industrialized Building System (IBS) certified which also contributes to the Green Building Index (GBI) ratings. PRIMA solidwall is a highly impact resistant, 3 hours fire rated, solid straight wall that meets the CONQUAS and QLASSIC requirements combined with speed of construction, durability and excellent finishing.    

Project reference : Commercial -Solidwall