Inspired by the industrial and metropolitan world. Rich in colour and natural in looks, inject with raw characteristic of processed fibre cement forms which is appealing to architects and designers who seek the latest trends.


PRIMA Fremento is an autoclave cellulose fibre reinforcement cement product manufactured by Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd, an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company. At least 90% of the raw materials used are sourced locally and processed in near our manufacturing facilities cut back our carbon footprint. The basic composition is Portland cement, cellulose fiber from FSC, finely ground sand from ex- tin mining, recycled pulp and process water.


PRIMA Fremento product is specially designed for internal multi-purpose decorative application. It helps diminish the usual array of problems stemming from water, mould, termite, fire and even temperature changes. Preferable for decorative wall application and only apply to non wet area.

However, the installers must ensure that the product meets the aesthetic requirement before installation. Hume Cemboard Industries will not be responsible for rectifying aesthetic surface variations following installation.


  • Aesthetically-Appealing

  • Durable

  • Environmentally-Friendly

  • Hazard Free

  • Low Maintenance

  • Mold Resistant

  • Termite Resistant

  • Resistant to Moisture (water permeability, warm water, soak dry & heat rain)

  • Weather Resistant

  • Natural Fibre Cement Colour


Fremento Hexari 3D

Fremento Arrow Vinz 3D

Fremento 3angle

Fremento Thexa 3D

Fremento Dragonz 3D

Fremento Sumo

Fremento Aristo 3D

Fremento Piazza 3D

Fremento Sonia 3D

Fremento Tessera 3D

Fremento Melor 3D

Fremento Aspen 3D

Fremento Chess 3D

Fremento Lineato 3D

Fremento Frenatoz

Fremento Romeo

Fremento Islamico 1

Fremento Islamico 2

Fremento Viso

More to Come!